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Financing with Market Direct Campers Reviews
In this day and age, it’s not uncommon for families to work from month to month to pay the bills. Saving up enough money to purchase that much needed vehicle isn’t always an option; what with the increasing costs of day to day life. Australia itself plays host to one of the most stable economic climates throughout the entire world, and the country is known for its stunning vistas and wilderness, so it’s no wonder why so many people love nothing more than being a part of the countries lifestyle.
Fortunately, there’s one leading company that makes it easy for individuals and families to enjoy the Australian bush and they are Market Direct Campers. They understand that it’s not always possible to spend one lump sum on a new camper, and they do everything in their power to ensure that the great outdoors can be enjoyed no matter what financial position you may be in.
Their financing service has been considered one of the greatest available to customers, and MDC reviews enjoy a reputation as one of the leading suppliers of campers across the entirety of Australia. What really makes them stand out is that they offer each and every one of their camper trailer via single payment, as well as via multiple payment options. But what can you expect from their financing options and are they suitable for modern families?
Well the first thing to consider is that taking the financing option is far more secure than it used to be. In the old days, companies would offer financing options that carried gigantic interest rates, and on more than a few occasions this would lead to repossessions and in severe cases even jail time. MDC prefer to do business a little bit differently so that payments are easy to make, without piling on added pressure between payments.
Market Direct Campers offer a range of camper trailers – many of which can be purchased at entry level for just $4’500. Higher end models climb to roughly $55’000, but even these can be purchased under financial agreement. The entry level trailers can be paid back from as little as $28 per week, and these payments can be spread out over the course of a few years until the final sum has been obtained. What this means for individuals and families is that they can enjoy their purchase ahead of time, and then pay for its use as the weeks progress.
The same can be said for the higher end camper trailers, and many of them can be financed for $300 per week, or $1’200 a month. What’s even greater is that MDC are more than happy to consider individual cases so that they can tailor repayments to suit their customer’s requirements. If you’re interested in purchasing your very own camper trailer, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with their friendly team of advisors by visiting today!

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Market Direct Campers Reviews

Market Direct Campers Reviews

Nahas Construction

Archived company profile.

Founded in 1981 by Michael Nahas and Nick Nahas, NAHAS Construction Pty Ltd has been a well respected organisation in the construction industry for some 25 years. Our dedication and commitment to excellence is second to none. Delivering quality projects on time and within budget is the cornerstone on which we have built our reputation.

Our range of projects and clients are diverse, but the principles that we follow remain the same.

Regardless of the project type or size, clients can rely on us to approach the entire building process determined to meet their needs at all times.

We recognise that our clients expect cost-effective, quality construction in a timely manner. Through superior planning and motivated teamwork, we have built a track record of consistently achieving a quality finish on time and within budget.

Our team approach starts with the pricing process and carries throughout the project. The project team is consistent from the marketing and pricing phase through to completion of construction, forging effective relationships from the start and providing further assurance of a quality outcome.

We ensure we have a workforce that strive for continuous improvement in developing their professional expertise. We take responsibility for our role, ensuring we actively manage every component of the process.

NAHAS is successful because we have people with the ability and desire to build exciting and challenging projects. Our people have a drive to excel and the willingness to accept new responsibilities. They have initiative. They explore new ideas. They seek better solutions. They are enthusiastic, hardworking and committed to quality and excellence.

We continually stress the importance of teamwork. The ability to provide and accept positive and constructive feedback is also important, as is communicating effectively between all people within the company and our clients.

Our primary focus is providing superior customer service by performing even the smallest detail right, the first time. By assuring hands on involvement with our experienced staff and trades people throughout the construction process provides superior service, quality, and timeliness to all of the projects we undertake. These goals, combined with solid project know how and cost efficient construction techniques, are a true testament to the company’s success.

We firmly believe that the major difference between construction companies is people, that is, organisation, management and staff. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of skill, integrity, quality and responsibility in providing professional services to our clients.