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What Are the 5 Best Online Share Trading Courses?

There are many different online share trading courses, but here are our top 5 recommendations: Bear Bull Traders, Skillshare, One Core Program, and Warrior Trading. While all of these are excellent options, some are better suited to people looking for a general education on share trading. This article will cover each of these in more detail. While this article will largely focus on the Bear Bull Traders course, we recommend that you check out the other three as well.

One Core Program

If you’re just getting started in the market and want to learn more about the ins and outs of trading shares, the One Core Program could be for you. This course is designed for complete beginners, and is aimed at people who want to make money and make a difference in the world. You’ll learn the basics of trading and fundamental principles, and the course also includes a library of podcasts and webinars to help you understand the market better. It’s also reasonably priced, but it is still a good deal compared to other courses.

MIT’s Sloan Finance Group was founded in the late 1960s, and boasts some of the most important innovations in the field. Some of the most significant contributions were made by MIT Sloan, including the Black-Scholes/Merton option-pricing model, the Modigliani-Miller theorem, and continuous-time models of consumption. MIT has a long history of pioneering financial studies, and the OTA has been involved with a number of such developments.

Warrior Trading

The Warrior Trading online share trading course is designed to help traders become independent, profitable and confident. This course includes live audio and video feeds that will help you learn from the Warrior’s expert trading tips. As a community, traders can watch stock charts and chat with other students. This way, they can gain a wealth of information and help each other achieve their goals. In addition, the Warrior Trading website has an active trading community chat room so you can ask questions and help each other learn.

The Warrior Trading online share trading course is affordable and offers several features for beginners. The software features a chat room with over a thousand members. It also includes a trading room with live commentary from Ross, a member of the trading team. The Warrior Trading chat room is especially useful for beginners as it helps them get answers to their questions and provide feedback. Although the course costs money, it’s worth it if you can learn how to trade without losing your capital.


If you’re thinking of taking an online share trading course, you should look into skillshare. This platform allows you to build and sell your own online share trading courses. Unlike other online share trading courses, however, Skillshare allows you to customize your course to suit your individual needs. You can choose a course based on specific grades or choose a course based on popularity. You can also sort reviews by the number of students who have taken the course. If you’re unsure of the course you’d like to take, check out Skillshare’s refund policy and try it out for 7 days.

You can filter courses by category, length, and price. The courses vary from minutes to hours and usually contain a project. You can also sort classes by trend and popularity. Some Skillshare courses are free, but others require a premium subscription. Once you’ve decided on a course, you can also access the instructor’s profile and learn more about the course. The instructor’s bio is available to all Skillshare members.

Bear Bull Traders

If you’re looking to get started with day trading, you may be wondering what are the best online share trading courses. These courses offer a wealth of information, including a comprehensive video library, interactive trading simulator, and a live chat room with other members. The Bear Bull Traders website also offers a free trial membership, but there’s a small fee. For more advanced courses, look for Bear Bull Traders Elite membership, which costs around PS150 a month or PS800 a year.

While there are many stock trading courses available, Bear Bull Traders stands out from the rest. Its stock chat room is consistently positive. You can talk to other subscribers and a world-class trader who has spent years learning the trade. It also has a very robust educational center, which contains over 100 high-quality trading education videos. This way, you can gain an overview of the various trading strategies and get valuable insights from fellow members.

Stock Market 101

If you are new to the stock market and are unsure where to start, Stock Market 101 is an excellent place to start. This book discusses the basics of the stock market, including how it works, the history of the stock market, and the different types of trading that are available. It also explains how to make smart trades and diversify your portfolio. The book even provides links to additional resources for further information. It is an excellent primer for those who want to get started investing in the stock market.

You should first know how to read stock tables. Symbols are generally abbreviated, but it is helpful to know what each symbol means. For example, AAPL is the symbol for Apple Inc., while MSFT is the symbol for Microsoft. Likewise, the first number in a stock tracker is its current price. These two numbers represent the company you are interested in. You can use this to determine how much to invest in a specific stock.

To find out what courses are available see the OpecCollege website

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Equipment Finance Loans

Using Equipment Finance For Investing in Tech Start Up Businesses

               The technology industry is constantly undergoing change and advancement and it can be a hard task keeping up with it as it evolves. One of the great things about the changes is that new technology businesses are able to enter the market and offer their services to the masses. So what can you expect if you decide to invest in a start up business within the technology industry?


Well the first thing to bear in mind is that as a start up, a company will have to undergo plenty of adaptation in order to make their mark in the industry. After the initial establishment phase, investors can expect to see a return on their investment depending on the type of services that the technology companies offers.


For example, if a technology start up is selling their own products, then it’s expected that this manufacturing process may take a little longer than if the company was to sell digital goods online. As soon as the manufacturing process is complete, a start up can expect to have a great amount of stock built up ready for sale and dispatch.


This is where things can be promising for investors, as you will have originally agreed on a percentage cost for your initial investment and as a result, you’ll begin to receive a percentage commission from each product sold. As long as the company is able to continue providing their services, or developing their own product base; an investor can continue to receive commission on their investments. This can then be leveraged by using equipment finance loans.


So what are the benefits of investing in a technology start up business? Well the potential is very substantial to say the least. All companies have to start from somewhere, so being present during the initial phase of establishment will usually reflect a companies’ probability in becoming successful. With financial support from an external source, a technology company can continue to grow its assets and provide larger returns for investors.


One of the negatives of investing in a new company is that there’s no guarantee that their services will popularize enough to turn a profit. When this is the case, a company may be forced to go in to liquidation. If this takes place, there’s no guarantee that an investor will see a return on their financial input, unless an insurance policy was taken out.


Although this instance is a very rare event, it is more likely to occur if financial backing and support hasn’t been secured. This is why it’s very important for a company, particularly an organization within the technology industry, to receive support from the offset as there are many different factors unique to the tech market that will need to be taken in to account.

Tax Accountants Perth

Why Should You Hire a Tax Accountant?


When it comes to doing taxes, many people find the process both daunting and lengthy, but are reluctant to hand the task over to a professional. For the most part, accountants are used as advisors only- when in reality calculating and filing your taxes is all part of their repertoire. So, why don’t we use them to their full potential? In most circumstances we are simply reluctant to hand over our sensitive financial information, especially as the resulting document can have such a huge impact on the future of our finances, but this is often a misguided judgment. Let’s take a look at why you should hire a tax accountant.


Why should you hire a tax accountant?


The biggest reasons why you should hire a tax accountant are time, security and of course, information.  It’s no secret that doing your own taxes can take time and can be risky if you make a mistake, but hiring a tax accountant can actually give you some valuable information when you are running a business. If you consider the capacity that your accountant can currently advise you, imagine the wealth of information that you could gain if you hired them to actually calculate and file your taxes for you.


If you file your own taxes, or use software to help you do so, you might also be missing out on potential money-saving opportunities. A qualified (and human!) tax accountant will have both the knowledge and know-how when it comes to finding you extra savings, mostly through those elusive deductions.


What to look for when hiring a tax professional


Contrary to popular belief, there is actually more than one type of tax professional that can help you with your taxes. Essentially anyone can call themselves a tax preparer, and as a result can file your tax return for you, but there are only two types of tax professional that should be hired to do your taxes. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and enrolled tax agents can both represent you in front of the IRS in case of an audit.


The right tax accountant for you will be able to understand your type of business and your consumer base, should be on hand to work with you on a year-round basis and will have prior experience in dealing with the IRS. The best way to find a tax accountant is through existing contacts (such as family or business contacts), trusted referrals, or by locality. Once you have found some tax accountants that may be right for you, it will be important to discuss your requirements before you hire.


Important things to consider before you hire


It is important to discuss your accounting needs with your potential tax accountant to make sure that you get the right services. Consider major aspects, such as the amount of time that potential tax accountants are willing to dedicate to you, the tax program that they use and how they bill for their services, before you hire.


If you would like more information on why you should hire a tax accountant, our friendly staff is on hand at now.

Market Direct Campers Reviews

Financing with Market Direct Campers Reviews
In this day and age, it’s not uncommon for families to work from month to month to pay the bills. Saving up enough money to purchase that much needed vehicle isn’t always an option; what with the increasing costs of day to day life. Australia itself plays host to one of the most stable economic climates throughout the entire world, and the country is known for its stunning vistas and wilderness, so it’s no wonder why so many people love nothing more than being a part of the countries lifestyle.
Fortunately, there’s one leading company that makes it easy for individuals and families to enjoy the Australian bush and they are Market Direct Campers. They understand that it’s not always possible to spend one lump sum on a new camper, and they do everything in their power to ensure that the great outdoors can be enjoyed no matter what financial position you may be in.
Their financing service has been considered one of the greatest available to customers, and MDC reviews enjoy a reputation as one of the leading suppliers of campers across the entirety of Australia. What really makes them stand out is that they offer each and every one of their camper trailer via single payment, as well as via multiple payment options. But what can you expect from their financing options and are they suitable for modern families?
Well the first thing to consider is that taking the financing option is far more secure than it used to be. In the old days, companies would offer financing options that carried gigantic interest rates, and on more than a few occasions this would lead to repossessions and in severe cases even jail time. MDC prefer to do business a little bit differently so that payments are easy to make, without piling on added pressure between payments.
Market Direct Campers offer a range of camper trailers – many of which can be purchased at entry level for just $4’500. Higher end models climb to roughly $55’000, but even these can be purchased under financial agreement. The entry level trailers can be paid back from as little as $28 per week, and these payments can be spread out over the course of a few years until the final sum has been obtained. What this means for individuals and families is that they can enjoy their purchase ahead of time, and then pay for its use as the weeks progress.
The same can be said for the higher end camper trailers, and many of them can be financed for $300 per week, or $1’200 a month. What’s even greater is that MDC are more than happy to consider individual cases so that they can tailor repayments to suit their customer’s requirements. If you’re interested in purchasing your very own camper trailer, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with their friendly team of advisors by visiting today!

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Market Direct Campers Reviews

Market Direct Campers Reviews

Nahas Construction

Archived company profile.

Founded in 1981 by Michael Nahas and Nick Nahas, NAHAS Construction Pty Ltd has been a well respected organisation in the construction industry for some 25 years. Our dedication and commitment to excellence is second to none. Delivering quality projects on time and within budget is the cornerstone on which we have built our reputation.

Our range of projects and clients are diverse, but the principles that we follow remain the same.

Regardless of the project type or size, clients can rely on us to approach the entire building process determined to meet their needs at all times.

We recognise that our clients expect cost-effective, quality construction in a timely manner. Through superior planning and motivated teamwork, we have built a track record of consistently achieving a quality finish on time and within budget.

Our team approach starts with the pricing process and carries throughout the project. The project team is consistent from the marketing and pricing phase through to completion of construction, forging effective relationships from the start and providing further assurance of a quality outcome.

We ensure we have a workforce that strive for continuous improvement in developing their professional expertise. We take responsibility for our role, ensuring we actively manage every component of the process.

NAHAS is successful because we have people with the ability and desire to build exciting and challenging projects. Our people have a drive to excel and the willingness to accept new responsibilities. They have initiative. They explore new ideas. They seek better solutions. They are enthusiastic, hardworking and committed to quality and excellence.

We continually stress the importance of teamwork. The ability to provide and accept positive and constructive feedback is also important, as is communicating effectively between all people within the company and our clients.

Our primary focus is providing superior customer service by performing even the smallest detail right, the first time. By assuring hands on involvement with our experienced staff and trades people throughout the construction process provides superior service, quality, and timeliness to all of the projects we undertake. These goals, combined with solid project know how and cost efficient construction techniques, are a true testament to the company’s success.

We firmly believe that the major difference between construction companies is people, that is, organisation, management and staff. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of skill, integrity, quality and responsibility in providing professional services to our clients.

Joe Nahas

Investment Opportunities News

Texas Oil Stock News | Texas Oil Investing OpportunitiesTexas Oil Stock News and Texas Oil Investing Opportunities are covered at:

Texas Oil Stock News – News On TEXQY Texas Oil Production Company

In Texas oil investing opportunities and Texas oil stock news, Target Energy Limited (Stock Symbol: TEXQY),
a Texas oil & gas produciton compnay has released updates on oil well production rates at their
Fairway Project operations.

The oil & gas production project property is located in the Permian Basin, West Texas.

Texas oil Stock News:

Read the Texas oil investing opportunities oil production update report at:

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Stock Symbol: TEXQY at:

Texas Oil Stock News – News On TEXQY Texas Oil Production Company

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Nationwide Debt Direct – Loan Consolidation

Why Choose Debt Consolidation With Nationwide Debt Direct


When you are struggling financially and have accumulated debts that you just can’t repay, there are two debt management options available to you. Nationwide Debt Direct credit consolidation can help you to put all of your loans into one place, making repayments more manageable, whereas filing for bankruptcy can eliminate debts. The latter may sound like a better decision, but in the long term debt consolidation works better for many people, so let’s take a look at why you should choose debt consolidation over bankruptcy.


The Pros of Debt Consolidation


Credit Ratings


The first and most important reason why you should choose debt consolidation over filing for bankruptcy is your credit rating. As debt consolidation allows you to organize your repayments, your credit rating is relatively safe. With the right debt management plan you can continue to maintain, or even better your current standing over time, by keeping up with your consolidated repayments.

When you declare bankruptcy your debts may be wiped out completely, but your reputation and credit score will both suffer directly. Bankruptcy records are easily obtainable for potential lenders and will affect your financial credibility for anywhere between seven to ten years, and this can even affect your employment options. Although both current and potential employers are not allowed to discriminate against bankrupt employees, discretion can often find you out of a job, or at the bottom of the potential candidate list.


Lower monthly payments and interest rates


In most circumstances, consolidating your debts gives you more manageable monthly payments, but you may also be able to enjoy a lower interest rate, too. Many people find that the interest rates that are accumulated across multiple debts is the real trap when coming into financial difficulty, so paying out less each month will go a long way.


Access to existing credit


In most circumstances debt consolidation plans allow you to keep any existing credit that you may have. This means that you will still have access to your credit cards and store cards (as long as they are valid), so if you are responsible, simply having the financial cushion of a credit card for emergencies can be an attractive factor. On the adverse side, once you are declared bankrupt you will no longer have access to any existing credit and you will struggle to get awarded with personal loans as a result of the ruling, too.


Luxury Possessions


Just as you are able to maintain access to existing credit, debt consolidation plans do not usually require you to relinquish any items that may be classed as ‘luxury possessions’. In most circumstances when you file for bankruptcy you will be asked to surrender nonessential possessions, such as your car, to go towards any significant repayments that need to be made on your behalf.


Although you may find that simply eliminating or restructuring certain debts while under the protection of the federal bankruptcy court is a viable option for your own circumstances, debt consolidation is definitely a worthwhile alternative for the future.


For more information on debt consolidation and debt management options to suit you, please visit Nationwide Debt Direct

Nationwide Debt Direct – The Benefits of Debt Settlement

The Benefits of Debt Settlement

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When it comes to debt management options, one of the lesser-known yet effective ways to get your debts under control is debt settlement. Debt settlement is as straight forward as it sounds-you settle your debt- but you can either do it outright or over a short period of time, for less. Let’s explore the benefits of debt management, to see if it’s the right debt management option for you.


1. Get Debt Free- Fast


There really isn’t a quicker way to get debt free than by settling your debts. When you make an agreement with your creditor, you can make a payment of as little as 50% of the overall amount, in no time at all. Once you have set the parameters of your repayment with your creditor and completed the agreed payment, you’re debt free! According to Nationwide Debt Direct, a debt settlement company can advise you on credit settlement options and get you the best repayment prices, so make sure to do your research.


2. Save Money


By paying less of your debt’s overall amount you’ll be saving an initial sum of money, but have you considered the money that you will save in the long term? Without a debt to pay, you will no longer owe interest to your creditors, not to mention late fees and any hidden charges that may have been linked to your original debt. This will save you money throughout the course of a year, as well as throughout the course of the initial loan agreement term.


3. Reduce Stress


It’s no secret that financial troubles cause stress for many of us, and that stress can last for years into the future. As circumstances change, so do our needs and not having to pay off a certain, significant debt can give you some much needed financial backup in the long term. Not having to deal with the stress of paying off a particular debt you can relax, and focus on the more important things in life.


4. Start Fresh


It never hurt anyone to make a fresh start, and getting on top of your financial situation in its entirety is the best possible way to wipe the slate clean. Other debt management plans may allow you to keep existing credit options, such as credit cards and store cards, but if you are struggling to make repayments it’s not likely to work out for the best in the long term. Declaring bankruptcy is often a solution that has severe ramifications down the line too, so the only way to get debt free and clear the slate is to settle your debts.


So as you can see, debt settlement really is a great way to get debt free without making a mountain out of a molehill, so if you are struggling to repay your debts and would like more information about your debt settlement options, please feel free to contact us at today.



David Orth Real Wealth Forex & Commodities Update 19 March

COMMODITIES The Federal Reserve gave the oil market a reprieve on Wednesday. Traders and investors say it is only a matter of time before a growing supply glut again pulls its weight. The benchmark U.S. oil price snapped a six-session losing streak, rallying sharply in the last half-hour of trading, amid a broad upswing in financial markets. Spot WTI settled on $44.69 a barrel. Gold prices surged more than 2 percent on Wednesday, on track for the biggest rally since January after the Federal Reserve signalled a more cautious outlook for U.S. economic growth. The metal currently trades at $1,168.40.

FOREX The dollar plunged across the board on Wednesday after the Federal Reserve signalled an interest rate increase as early as June but slashed interest-rate projections over the next few years and downgraded its outlook for the economy. The greenback posted its largest one-day fall in six years against the euro and sterling. The dollar basket trades at 97.77, 2.2% lower. The Australian dollar has hit a two-week high against the greenback, following the aforementioned commentary from the federal reserve. The Kiwi and Canadian dollars followed suit, ending up over 1% against the dollar. The AUD sits at US$0.7744. Sterling fell before the FOMC meeting as the BoE waded into the debate over the value of major currencies on Wednesday, warning about its impact on inflation. The currency bounced along with other majors following the fed comments, to $1.4949

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David Orth Real Wealth – markets update

GLOBAL The U.S stock market endured a daylong selloff last night with the S&P 500 ( -1.7% ) sliding below its 50-day moving average. The diminished prospects for solid earnings growth abroad ( due to the stronger dollar ) broadsided the six growthsensitive sectors while countercyclical groups did not fare much better. Sellers remained in control throughout the day with the two largest sectors by weight—technology ( -2.2% ) and financials (-2.1% )—pacing the retreat. Large cap tech names like Apple, Google, and Facebook lost between 2.0% and 2.5% while Qualcomm outperformed, falling 1.1%, after announcing a $15 billion repurchase program and increasing its quarterly cash dividend to $0.48/share.

Elsewhere among cyclical sectors, the consumer discretionary space ended in-line with the broader market, but that masked an 11.5% surge in the shares of Urban Outfitters. Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc. rose to its highest price ever after the company cancelled two investor meetings, sparking speculation that a deal to buy the drug maker could be in the works. Acadia, which is developing drugs for Parkinson ’ s and other disorders of the nervous system, rose 18 percent to $45.88. The S&P 500 settled on 2,044.17. European stocks fell Tuesday, as speculation about a rate hike in the U.S. and concerns over Greece ’ s reform program outweighed optimism over the European Central Bank ’ s bond buys.

The benchmark Stoxx Europe 600 index slumped 0.9% to end at 389.66. But outperforming the index, banking giant Credit Suisse Group AG jumped 7.8% after news that Prudential CEO Tidjane Thaim will take over the helm at the Swiss bank. Markets were hampered by a selling spree in U.S. stocks. A solid February jobs report released last week has increased speculation the Federal Reserve ’ s statement next week might hint at a rate increase in coming months. The European energy group SXEP, -3.48% suffered the biggest loss among major sectors, with dollar-denominated oil prices hit by the surge in the U.S. dollar against its rivals. The Euro group of Eurozone finance ministers urged Greece on Monday to stop wasting time and get moving on identifying economic reforms that satisfy its international lenders — a prerequisite to unlock the next tranche of financial aid to Greece. The country is at risk of running out of cash later this month, unless it receives more money.

COMMODITIES WTI for April delivery fell $1.71, or 3.4%, to $48.29 a barrel on the NYME. The U.S. Energy Information Administration will release its inventory data for the week ended March 6 on Wednesday. Analysts surveyed by The Wall Street Journal expect that crude supplies rose by 4.8 million barrels in the week. stocks are already at their highest level in about 80 years. Gold has fallen to a three-month low, pressured by the US dollar’s rise to its highest in nearly 12 years and renewed expectations of a midyear interest rate increase in the U.S. Gold dropped to its lowest since December 1 at $US1,155.60 an ounce.

FOREX The U.S. dollar rallied to a 12-year high amid signs that the U.S. Federal Reserve may move to raise interest rates by June. Many investors see last Friday’s strong U.S. jobs report for February as the nail in the coffin for the Fed hiking this year. Also of note, the dollar hit eight year highs against the Japanese Yen. The dollar sits at 98.62 against a basket of majors. The Australian Dollar dipped to 76.27 U.S cents after the twin disappointments of falls in both the ANZ weekly consumer confidence and NAB business confidence yesterday. The Aussie, with a loss of 0.68%, was the worst performing major currency. The Canadian dollar was lower Tuesday as the greenback appreciated and oil prices were also squeezed by an upwards revision to U.S. crude oil production. The two factors led to the drop of 0.53 U.S cents to 78.86.

David Orth Real Wealth – markets update

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